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Over Greens Salads & Juice

While the company continued to earn customers by making great salads, their only need was a website that would reflect their quality. Besides, they had to produce quality content both on social media and on the website to promote their products. Also they needed to have an online ordering system of they are own.

Over Greens has chosen us to meet these needs.

The website of Over Greens has been developed with its original product images and videos. All product photos, social media content and videos were created by NYDigitals.

Beautiful Content

One of the most important thing is showing quality content to your visitors.

Online Order System

We designed an alternative product listing and integrated with WooCommerce
Which is one of the most powerful E-Commerce service on the web

Thank You


We are proud to deliver this project as promised. In the making of this project, 80+ pictures were taken and 10+ hours of video editing was done.

I would like to thank the company executives for their support during this process.

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